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Professional Memberships and Certifications:

  • College of Physical Therapists of Alberta

  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association Member

  • Orthopaedic Division Member

  • Certified Manual Therapist - SWODEAM Institute

  • Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute/Acupuncture Canada

  • Gunn IMS Certified -ISTOP

  • The Running Clinic - Specialist

  • Therapeutic Yoga Training

  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

  • SFMA Level 1 Certified


Physiotherapist, BSc. PT,  BSc.Kin.

Gina is passionate about all things health and wellness and that includes moving often and moving well.  She believes movement is one of the most powerful medicines we have and by finding a mind-body connection through movement we can balance physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Gina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology from the University of Lethbridge (2000) and another in physiotherapy from the University of Alberta (2005). Gina’s extensive post-graduate training in both manual and McKenzie based treatment techniques give her a unique skill set. Gina focuses on sports therapy and postural and repetitive strain injuries. Her treatments include spinal mobilization and manipulation, spinal stabilization (CORE) exercise, neural tissue mobilization, postural taping and myofascial release. Gina is also qualified to practice acupuncture and uses this, combined with a dry-needling technique (Gunn IMS), for patients with chronic pain and long standing musculoskeletal problems.  She is trained in Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) levels and believes full body top down assessments are important to identify the true root of the problem in order to help her patients with both mobility and stability motor control problems.

In her off time Gina is an avid athlete with a background in many different sports, such as basketball, fitness competitions, triathlon, and CrossFit, but cross trains today primarily because she loves it! She believes that not only physical health is important but mental health should not be over looked and practices both meditation and yoga on a regular basis. Gina also consults out in the community and provides clinical and professional practice leadership. She provides coaching, mentoring and work planning to support various health professionals in their practice.  She runs various Movement and Mobility workshops to educate both health professionals, coaches, and athletes on the recognition of mobility and stability issues and how it can alter sport or training performance.

Gina is highly disciplined and knows that consistent work and dedication are keys to success. She also values life-long learning and continues to further her own education by taking advanced physiotherapy courses. Gina is friendly, enthusiastic, detail oriented and professional. She is committed to high quality care and loves knowing that her clients leave Restorative Sports Therapy feeling better.


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Caitlin Diggins

Massage Therapist, RMT, Level 1 LDT, First Aid & CPR Level C

Caitlin is a Registered Massage Therapist having graduated from MH Vicars School of Massage Therapy.  She is also certified and up to date in Standard First Aid, CPR, AED Level C. Caitlin focuses on deep tissue, sports and therapeutic massages, as well as prenatal massage. Caitlin also has her level one LDT (Lymphatic Drainage Technique).
Caitlin's background prior to pursuing massage therapy was as a personal trainer through CanFitPro. Caitlin continues to expand her knowledge by taking ongoing courses to improve her skills in the field of massage therapy.

In her off time, Caitlin participates in recreational sports, as well as competing in duathlons. She enjoys the outdoors, hiking, swimming, kayaking, running and cycling. 

Caitlin is committed to providing her clients with the utmost care and knowledge that comes with her expertise in her field. Everyday at some point, take the time to just breathe. To find the connection of your mind body and soul. To laugh, to love and rest.



Jamie Conroy

Massage Therapist, RYT

Jamie is a registered massage therapist and a graduate from Mount Royal University. She specializes in deep tissue, therapeutic, relaxation and pre-natal massage.  Jamie believes in daily movement and understands the importance of recovery and how it enables us to adapt to the demands we place on ourselves.  Jamie uses the reset technique of massage to help restore the body, allowing it to recover so her clients can continue to do the activities they love. She understands the importance of collaborating and working with other paramedical therapists, so her clients get the most out of coordinated care.  She is invested in fostering connection through mind, body, and spirit, and feels movement allows us to experience emotion, freedom, and strength. It is often in times when we are stuck in our body, that we are stuck in other areas in our lives. Bringing mobility and ease to her clients, is what drives Jamie as a therapist.

Along with massage therapy, Jamie is committed to mentoring youth and devotes many hours to the Orenda Society, a local Not-For-Profit. As co-founder of the Orenda Society, Jamie helps young people find strength, vulernability, resilience, and compassion by, using movement, yoga and meditation.  This program provides young people with the tools they need for the "real stuff', such as exploring vulnerability, self love, and to become the best versions of themselves.

In her off time, she enjoys all the good stuff that makes her heart race and legs shake, including sports, yoga, and CrossFit. Jamie appreciates the small joys in life like spending time outside on her acreage with horses and time with her kids, husband, and friends.


Gina is an excellent instructor. She is very generous with her knowledge and experience. I highly reccomend.
— Lynne Loiselle
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