Our Mission

The mission of Restorative Sports Therapy in Okotoks is to promote the well-being of the athletes and the recreational population in Okotoks and the outlining Foothills communities in Alberta, just a few minutes drive from south Calgary.

By providing accessible, quality Physiotherapy, Yoga Therapy and Massage therapy care for persons of all ages, utilizing a service system that emphasizes trust, respect, confidentiality, and compassion. We believe in the mind body connection through movement is imperative for healing to take place.  We are committed to quality therapeutic care that is provided in a collaborative effort with wellness strategies and an array of rehabilitation services. We are further committed to the philosophy that we exist for the customer/client. We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work.  It is the understanding of all employees and owners of the company to constantly demand success as their duty, obligation and responsibility.  


Our Clinic

We are your interdisciplinary team who helps you restore where you have broken down.  We believe in prevention, and the medicine we prescribe is movement. We have various reset techniques such as Gunn IMS, manipulation and mobilization of both joint and soft tissues, traditional acupuncture, and both cupping and graston techniques.  We believe however, it’s how we educate to realign - to bring the body back into alignment, ( using mobility exercises, yoga, nutrition, environment changes…) and choose to restore your movement patterns (through stabilization, motor programming, fundamental movement training…) is what separates us from the rest.  We value the importance of the mind-body connection through strength in movement. We feel healing truly takes place when patients find this connection and adopts it into their lifestyle and training regimen – and becomes even more powerful when you learn how to adapt it to the demands through different times or seasons of life.  Restorative is not just a place of quick fixes, Restorative is place where people come to restore balance to both body and mind. We are very proud to have a special focus in 1-on-1 private individualized injury care, management, and prevention. We feel this is missing in sports rehabilitation and believe our approach heals you on a cellular level.  

Reset, Realign, Restore, Recover

your 4 R’s to Strength in Movement.


We have various ways to reset the muscle(s) that may be a cause or the result in tightness due to a mobility or stability motor control issue. Our physiotherapist uses various needling/acupuncture techniques, joint mobilization and manipulations, along with mobility home programs.  Our Massage therapist is incredibility skilled with soft tissue manipulation to work out adhesions, fascial restrictions, or adaptive shortening. One of the benefits to visiting an interdisciplinary team is the ability to call in the strengths of each team member to help with the reset phase of treatment.


has everything to do with reinforcing proper movement patterns.  Every activity has certain movement requirements or pre-requisites. Through our extensive knowledge and passion on how the body works is how we help you develop power through strength in movement.  Restorative has a large focus on providing you with sufficient education during your treatment so you can take and incorporate it into your daily life, training regimen, and through the different seasons of your life.


Restore function and strength using full body functional movements under load.  We will help guide you through the proper way to reload your tissues choosing the best exercise(s) and fundamental movements for the specific demands of your activity.


The final stage in your rehabilitation program - one often overlooked or under prescribed. Recovery can be as simple as having a rest day to allow the tissues to adapt to the new loads being applied, or it can be an active recovery where we add in an alternative form of exercise at a lower intensity so the nervous system can auto-regulate. Recovery is not to be underestimated, as the old saying goes, “train smarter, not harder”.

Gina provided expert instruction, going from the basic fundamentals to technical aspects, to get us to achieve the proper stretch and achieve maximum results
— Cam
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