We work with clients of all ages with a wide range of health conditions. Whether it’s pain management and rehabilitation from an acute injury like a sprained ankle, or management of chronic conditions such as diabetes or heart disease, we can help. In addition to rehabilitation of injury and disease or disability, we also provide education and advice for health promotion, disease and injury prevention so you stay healthy year round. 

On our first visit, we'll assess and analyze your history, and conduct physical tests like measuring flexibility or range of motion. Together, we'll explore your needs so we can plan treatments that are consistent with your goals, which incorporate approaches and techniques supported by the best evidence available. We will work with you towards optimal health and performance that can be attained through the proper balance of exercise, nutrition, and care of the body's framework in a private one-on-one environment.  In addition, maintaining a state of good health depends on a normally functioning nervous system. The most important and delicate organs of this nervous system are supported and protected by the skull and spinal vertebrae, when misaligned due to joint or muscle restriction, these structures can irritate and interfere with the nerve impulses. It is important for us to recognize mobility and stability motor control issues that interfere with the nervous system, so the body can re-establish its balance and heal itself to the best of its ability.