It's happening - Building the foundation to grow upon.


A lot has been happening on the acreage. Everyday I look out the window I see more progress and the Restorative Sports Therapy center coming to life. I am filled with nervous excitement. Last night as I stood in the center of the building giving thanks for this opportunity, I was overcome with emotion. This practice will be built on a strong foundation. I have a vision of creating a new way of physiotherapy, one grounded in longer one on one treatment visits and creating opportunities to support you in your movement health. A business with core values of: service, knowledge, passion, community and innovation. A center to support your total restoration, to rebuild your foundation, and fuel your strength in movement.

I will be posting progress pictures on our Instagram story feed @restorativesportstherapy - stop by for up to date sneak a peaks!

Thank you Okotoks and the surrounding Foothills community for your incredible support. A huge thanks to Family Roots Carpentry ( who is also my talented hubby ;) ) for literally building my dream.

~Find your passion, find what moves you, find your strength in movement~

Gina Perrault