Move your mood - another brand mantra coming your way.

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// MOVE YOUR MOOD // it’s a thing.

Heart pounding, sweat pouring, creative juices flowing, dance like no one is watching, get lost in music- play it, sing it!, put pen to paper, call up your people, walk your dog, vinyasa flow, meditate, get creative, pray, punch dance your anger out 👊🏻 (...that’s a thing too- it feels good!). Whatever it is that fills you up, use it to MOVE YOUR MOOD!

My niece has been my inspiration for this mantra- she is one amazing kid. She says when she just feels blah and doesn’t want to go to ringette practice, the minute she gets on the ice everything changes. She never regrets going even though it felt hard to get there. My sister, the amazing mom she is, would always say “Emily, go move your mood”. I loved it from the moment she said it, and it’s a phrase we use in our family all the time now. We have the choice to sit in our sh*# or to take charge, create the shift and transform.

We are starting the move your mood campaign at Restorative. Although we still love our strength in movement philosophy, we are adding a second one to the brand. One that incorporates the emotional health into the physical healing process. Our goal is to inspire you, and more importantly our youth, to have positive outlets, to take better care of themselves so they can live a vibrant, adventurous life they love and deserve.

#MOVEYOURMOOD ✌🏻Spread the word

~Find your passion, find what moves you, find your strength in movement~

Gina Perrault