How we apply the 4 pillars to restoring strength in movement to your treatment plan.

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How can the four pillars of restoring strength in movement help your // E LB O W // pain?.

Only after a full body top - down assessment can we truly identify whether your pain is just localized to the elbow. Often we see inadequate neck, shoulder and thoracic mobility contributing to the problem. This is why we rarely just treat the elbow. Most of the time, we are using the elbow as a mobile joint rather than a stable joint in which it is designed for. Compensation strategies can often cause us to leak energy or dump the load into the elbow because of problem going on somewhere else. 

RESET: joint mobilizations, radial shockwave therapy, GunnIMS, cupping, and soft tissue release can help restore normal muscle tone and alleviate pain.

REALIGN: thoracic, shoulder, neck forearm, and wrist mobility exercises help realign the tissue along the lines of stress. Restoring range of motion prepares us to take load in the areas of the body that is meant to.

RESTORE: corrective exercises and foundational movement patterns help to balance out your body’s asymmetries. Addressing fundamental strength issues, stabilization and motor control happen in this phase of your treatment.

RECOVERY: knowing when to progress, rest, and recover become incredibly important to allow for tissues to accommodate and adapt to new loads being applied. 

Let us know below if there’s an injury you’ve been trying to work through or if you feel like you’re stuck. We will feature it here using the formula of the 4 R’s for restoring strength in movement.

~Find your passion, find what moves you, find your strength in movement~

Gina Perrault