Gait & Running Analysis

Many running injuries are caused by altered movement patterns in running technique and training errors. Poor running technique can also be an impediment to overall running performance. Our running assessments will include a thorough evaluation and analysis of all aspects of a client’s running.  This includes evaluating running posture, technique, strength, flexibility, footwear, and other training factors. We watch and record you running on a treadmill, looking for any major bilateral differences as well as cadence, foot strike and body position.  From this, together with findings from a physiotherapy musculoskeletal assessment, we will provide exercises and instruction to improve technique, strength or flexibility imbalances, and address training errors. Our Running specialists are certified through The Running Clinic and are avid runners themselves. We believe that proper education on adaptation to load, identifying the root of the problem and working towards increasing strength and flexibility will keep you hitting the pavement and trails injury free.