Pattern assisted corrective exercises.



When I do full body assessments I am looking for compensatory movement patterns that could be contributing to your pain. One I see often is knees falling inwards on single or double leg squats, landing phase in running, take off or landing a jump, as well as going up/ down stairs. Most of the time gluteal weakness is the cause of the faulty movement pattern.

Often I can try and verbally cue you to get into the correct position, which works some of the time, or we can add an outside resistance to turn on an automatic response. Pattern assist or reactive neuromuscular training (RNT) works amazing to help facilitate proper muscle recruitment patterns, enhance motor control skills, and improve functional stability.

Using a band to provide a counter pull can help activate and provide feedback on proper muscle recruitment. Train with it for a bit and then remove the external cue to see if you can reproduce what it felt like on your own.

~Find your passion, find what moves you, find your strength in movement~

Gina Perrault