The formula for finding strength in movement.


The formula for finding strength in movement is built on the four R’s and is the foundation of our practice.


/ R E S E T / We have various ways to reset the muscle(s) that may be a cause or the result in tightness due to a mobility or stability issue. We reset via Gunn IMS and acupuncture techniques, joint mobilization and manipulation, as well as soft tissue manipulation- but let’s face it, what we do for you is only 10% of the equation- rehab is 90% up to you...keep reading 👇🏻, this is your part 😉

/ R E A L I G N / has everything to do with reinforcing proper movement patterns by gaining the appropriate mobility and joint ranges of motion. Every activity has certain movement requirements or pre-requisites. Through our extensive knowledge in yoga, mobility programming and how the body works, is how we help you develop movement competency. Restorative has a large focus on providing you with sufficient education and movement prescription during your treatment so you can take and incorporate it into your daily life and training. In other words...GET STRETCHING!

/ R E S T O R E / Restore function and strength using full body functional movements under load. Once you have shown movement integrity now we can add load! We will help guide you through the proper way to reload your tissues choosing the best exercise(s) and fundamental movements for the specific demands of your activity. Build a strong foundation before adding load, volume and speed!

/ R E C O V E R / An important stage in your rehabilitation and training program - one often overlooked or under prescribed. Recovery can be as simple as having a rest day to allow the tissues to adapt to the new loads being applied, getting good sleep, proper nutrition, a hot stone or lymphatic drainage massage; or it can be an active recovery where we add in an alternative form of exercise at a lower intensity so the nervous system can auto-regulate. Recovery is not to be underestimated, as the old saying goes, “train smarter, not harder”. 

So now you know how and WHY we work.

~Find your passion, find what moves you, find your strength in movement~

Gina Perrault