Building a strong foundation- physically, mentally and emotionally.

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How do we build a STRONG FOUNDATION physically, mentally and emotionally? 

We all go through setbacks, it’s a normal part of life. It is how we respond to those challenges that determines if we are going to spiral downwards, stagnate or grow and develop. In my practice, clients often initiate therapy during some setback, such as a repetitive strain injury, tendinitis, or joint pain. Many expect or hope progress to be linear—that they should continue to feel better and better each day in a straight path upwards. However, it is more common for people to make progress, experience a setback, learn from it, recover, and then make progress again.

Just as the body adapts to the demands being put on it, so does your mental and emotional capacity. Time under tension builds strength. Keep in mind, the capacity to adapt to a mechanical stress is different for everyone, so be selfish enough to do your own training program, even if you are part of a group class. If you need to take a day off, run one less hill, or modify your movements for a couple of workouts to honor what feels good in your body– DO SO! Consistency is more important than intensity.

We are in a society so focused on quick results and instant gratification, rushing to the finish line can potentially cause you to miss out on crucial learning opportunities about both yourself and your body. From my own life experiences I have switched from being achievement directed to instead process directed. It takes me longer to reach a goal, but it also sets me up for building a strong foundation for which movement can take place on, as well as strengthens behaviors on how to overcome obstacles. Start learning to praise behaviors instead of outcomes- allow your psychology around fitness and a healthy lifestyle to become associated with taking action and showing up for yourself, rather than metrics that are most of the time fickle and have limited control over. Start with why and then imagine what it feels like when you have arrived.

~Find your passion, find what moves you, find your strength in movement~

Gina Perrault