Drop in yoga classes to supplement your treatment plan.

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Hands up if you’ve received a piece of paper from your physiotherapist with a list of exercises and it sits on the front seat of your car for a weak or two and then gets misplaced entirely. Full disclosure - I have done this!!! (and I know better). Most of the time I have patients tell me they have either lost their exercises, or they have tried them but are unsure if they are doing them correctly. Insert corrective exercise classes here.

Restorative offers drop in small group classes to supplement your corrective movement treatment plan. I have chosen to do it through yoga classes because lets face it, we can all use a little yin or slow down in the hustle of life. I encourage most of my patients to attend two or three, to bring a notebook and take notes so they can learn how each stretch or movement feels in their body. I have seen better patient compliance with home programs and significant improvements in both mobility and stability. Consistency is key with most things in life and I would like to support you reaching your movement potential.

You will find our class schedule on our on-line booking site at the top of the page. I would love to have you join us- no previous yoga experience is required.

~Find your passion, find what moves you, find your strength in movement~

Gina Perrault