"Don't pull a Gary" - A lesson in learning to listen to your body.

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Yesterday while I was treating Gary- he told me a friend had called him and was complaining about something hurting- he said to his friend “Don’t pull a Gary. As in if something hurts, don’t keep doing it!”

I love it when patients get it. Gary is a serious hiker- as in forging up the mountain as fast as he can, multiple times a week and being the leader in the group. All while ignoring the whispers both his Achilles were telling him for a year. This eventually brought his hiking to a stop for months. A large part of his treatment included education on adaptation, loading and mobility. He started to attend Restoratives weekly yin classes to work on his flexibility and has not missed one in 6 months. Gary now gets it- he listens to his body and honors rest when needed...and I’m told he doesn’t feel like he has to be the first one up the mountain anymore, but rather appreciates the slow down to take in his surroundings. 

I know I’ve done my job when patients use the knowledge learned here to teach others- because that’s what it’s all about! When we give ourselves permission to do what’s best for ourself, we show and empower others how to do the same. Gary has become an advocate in his hiking group teaching his community the importance of listening to the body and responding however is needed. He ended our appointment saying “ it’s taken me 60 years to get here, I’m not going back now!” #physiowin

Whether it’s running, CrossFit, yoga, spin, or martial arts- take Gary’s advice and listen to your body rather than continuing to break it down. Find a movement focused practitioner to meet you where you’re at in your training. Knowledge is power.

~Find your passion, find what moves you, find your strength in movement~

Gina Perrault